Saturday, May 2, 2009

wisdom teeth -________________-''

i went to the dentist today to get my teeth whitened and the dentist asked my age and said something about wisdom teeth ( i thought he was treating me like a kid since he said wisdom teeth ><) he said if the teeth at the end get too close to each other hell have to pull them out which suks TT_____TT i bet its really painful ! he also asked if i had braces before and i told him i didnt ( my teeth are straight and i never wore braces yay! everyone in my family have very crooked teeth o.O )my little brother learned a new dance move from watchin kara's honey music video ^___^
kanazawa sensei is coming soon and i kinda dont feel like going because it costs too much and hes old and the lessons aren't worth it -__-'' hes pretty much only intrested in the kids and teaching them while the adults are taught by his dad like murakami more because he teaches better and makes you work i like him better too ( better than kanazawa sensei )

WARNING: obsessive naruto stuff here -_____________________________________-''

stupid naruto fillers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( i kinda hate the filler episodes T.T )i guess fioriparty was right tokyo is making filler episodes because of the chapter where hinata confesses her love to naruto .... ugh! * screams at sunset* STUPID FILLERS! ( i dont like pain( nagato) anymore T.T i hate him now.....)

... lets see what else? ....i gotz a new side table/cabinet with lock ^___^ hah! i can put stuff i dont want people to look at it comes with a key! yay! i hid the key in my room so ppl cant get in it! *whoo*

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  1. skipped naruto part....ack u bragger! u and dance lol....ew naruto!!!