Friday, July 17, 2009

clinic,X-rays,dreams, and a guy who really needs to wear a bra -__________________-''


okay about a week ago i went to a clinic ( i dunno if its a hospital or clinic its not big enough to be a hospital) and i went for a check up since i wanted to and its been two years since my last check up ( blame my mom) . i wanted the doctors ( or nurse) to check my ribs since it kinda feels like i have a dent on the left side of my ribs. i got checked for hearing and vision the doctor complemented that i have nice veins ( what?!) she was giving me a vaccine for cervical cancer and another shot for a blood test ( or something) she said it was easy to give me a shot since my veins are so visible so i just wonder when she's gonna remove the needle from my arm. when she does i notice that the shot didnt hurt until after she removed the needle and i was happy since that never happened before ( probably because the other doctors suck at giving shots to ppl)

when the tests were over nicholas's doctor appears and gives me form to take an x-ray of my ribs but she thinks maybe im curious about my ribs wierd shape and i get plenty of vitamin D so what? i still havent heard from the clinic about my ribs yet waiting ......yeah

i didnt really notice my dreams becoming reality till i got my haircut and looked in the mirror in my room. i had a dream a few days before my haircut and it was something about a girl with black hair and blue eyeswearing a white dress cutting her hair with a pair of scissors and she put a clip in her hair and came out of her room and then that was it when i got my haircut i looked in the mirror and saw my haircut was similar to the haircut the girl in my dream got *gasp* wha?! wait ... im confused.
another dream i got was a dream of red roses and yellow roses the same girl was carrying a bunch of red roses and only one yellow rose. the day after my dad comes home giving me this small tin pot with yellow roses growing in it and only one was in full bloom :O
yeah........its so wierd there are other dreams but ive forgotten them and there was a dream i had where there were two or three train tunnels across from each other and on the train tracks there were small treasures like necklaces and coins and yeah stuff like that it was so pretty i like to dream about that place now. its my happy place! and on the side of a hill theres a small shrine ( maybe ive watched spirited away too much )
there was another dream where that girl was surrounded by some wierd looking vines covered in thorns. from the inside of where she was the thorns did no harm to her and she looked a bit weak outside from where she was the vines surrounded her and was in the shape of a heart which is wierd..............
i went to target two days ago and we went to the food court area since nicholas wanted to eat something and i saw a guy who seriously needed to wear a bra! >.<>