Saturday, June 6, 2009

R.I.P DS light TT.TT

i never thought this would happen to me after one or two years ( i forgot when i got my ds ) of taking good care of my nintendo DS light my DS is now .......*sniff* dying!!!!!!!!!!! :( . My little brother took it to natalies house and when i thought it was under my pillow. he either dropped it or some other kid dropped either way why did my mom have to put in his bag ( where all his diapers are and stuff ) ?he dropped it when we left a peruvian resturant and it got scratches on it when it fell on the street! er.................. this time its not scratches the screen is broken! when u open the ds the screen is in an angle now the screen wont stay in place!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i turn it upside down it automatically opens and it didnt do that before! TT.TT now ive hidden it from nicholas and he wont be able to play mario kart anymore ! ( take that nicholas no more video games for its bad for u anyways! ) ^______^