Wednesday, April 8, 2009

so far...

yay! bello! on sunday evening im going to be taking care of a long-haired chihuaha named bello hes so cute and hes staying with us while his owner goes off to visit family. hm.... on last saturday i brarely remembered easter was coming i asked my karate teacher when was easter and he said it was this sunday ( i forget things now....) anyways i happy since the dog is cute and knows lots of tricks ><. I wonder if we'll actually take care of bello because maybe veronica( bello's owner) might find someone else to take care of him. anyways whats starting to piss me off is some of my friends are talking in mandarin to "hide their secrets" its getting annoying now >:( we kinda know what they're talking about and now most of our conversations are getting boring at lunch since its mostly them talking at our table. ugh i cant stop listening to map the soul! * falls to the floor in defeat* my little brother likes to dance to music and he dances funny :3

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